Healthy for Life talk series

More information on the Healthy for Life talk series

The healthy for life workshops are based on the premise that good health is the natural state for the body and all we have to do to maintain that is to eat well, move well and think / feel well. During the workshops we will look at these and other life style issues and how they affect our health and what we can do to change things for the better.

Genetics, Lifestyle and Health

The goal of this talk is to introduce a new way of thinking about health and to promote the idea that the greatest determinants of our current and future health are not our genetics, over which we have no control, but our lifestyle choices; particularly in relation to how we eat, move and think. It is a fun and engaging look at the science of epi-genetics and different philosophical approaches to health and wellbeing.

Move for life

Our genes require the stimulation of exercise to function properly1. What an amazing concept! This talk looks at what kinds of exercise and how much is required. We’ll also do some “spinal hygiene” exercises together and see why the right kinds of movement and exercise are so good at preventing illness and improving health.

Eat for life

This talk looks at what our genes require in terms of nutrition in order to function properly and provide us with abundant health. We’ll bust the top 5 healthy eating myths and look at easy ways to gradually and sustainably change your diet towards one that will support your health and fuel you through life.

The talk will also focus on reducing the nutritional causes of long term or ’chronic’ inflammation in the body. This is not only related to aches and pains but is also an underlying cause of many of the lifestyle related diseases affecting modern society2. This talk will give you ideas on how you can implement an anti-inflammatory lifestyle that will help to keep you pain free and full of energy.

Think, Feel and Be for life

Clinical studies have shown how mental, emotional and spiritual beliefs can directly affect physical well-being2. While the earlier talks in the series focus primarily on physical health, this talk is the briefest of introductions to the other levels. We’ll look at how stress affects the immune system, talk a little bit about perspective, do a relationship building exercise and finish with a relaxation exercise.

Feedback from the First Session

  • “Inspirational – I have motivation to change”
  • “I will definitely be coming to the next talks – unmissable”
  • “Fantastic presentation for all the family, thank you so much!”


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